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There are a numbers of ways you can help. You can make a donation, sponsor a project, or you can volunteer.


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Hayat Orphanage

Hayat Darul Yatam

Hayat Orphanage provides an oasis of hope for a small number of orphan children. The Orphanage was opened in March 2014 and is located in Laghman, Afghanistan. Afghanistan is home to a staggering 2 million orphans, children that have lost their fathers. Currently we have 25 orphans at our centre and the number is gradually increasing to reach our target level of 100 children. Orphans are provided with lodging, food, clothes, schoolbooks, shoes etc. The main focus of our centre is to educate these vulnerable children and enable them to provide livelihood for their families when they grow up. Children are admitted to the local state school but due to the poor quality of education in state schools, our ultimate aim is to enrol them at a private school or open our own school.

As the demand for our centre is very high we enrol orphans on the following criteria:

  • Orphans who have lost both parents
  • Orphans who come from a poor background
  • Orphans who don’t get a kind treatment at their home and are forced to work and fend for the families

On Admission

Each orphan is tested by a doctor to check their general health, carry out eye, hearing, and dental tests

Why we need your help

Without the support of our generous donors; Hayat would not be able to operate and help the orphans of Afghanistan. We are dedicated to granting the orphans the highest possible quality of life, health care and education. Providing the high level of care that the orphans require is very costly, meaning that donations are constantly required. We are currently saving for a new purpose built orphanage, with space for their dwellings, education and activities. We believe that it is important for the orphans to have a stable and steady home where they will feel safe and loved: this will help them through the formative years of their life and give them every opportunity to live a fruitful and successful adult life.